We oftentimes excitedly prepare for the “BIG DAY”! The only thing is that day comes and goes in a 24 hour period. If you get married at age 24 then you will be spending 464,640 hours of life with your spouse, if you stay married til death do you part. As important and memorable as our wedding is or will be, don’t you think we should spend an adequate amount of time preparing for the other 464,616 hours?

This is why I came up with the concept “Bride to Be, Wife for Life”. I’d like to share with you expert advice from wedding industry professionals on how to make your wedding a roaring success because that is extremely important. I’d also like to give you marital longevity tips from myself, a marriage specialist so you don’t waste all your time and effort on a day that may eventually come to an end due to lack of preparation.

Bride To Be
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